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What is dump truck insurance? 

Operating dump trucks comes with notable risks. The sheer weight of the vehicles and their loads present challenges, not to mention that these trucks are often driven over unpaved ground. Having insurance won’t do anything to prevent an accident from happening while driving this type of equipment, but dump truck insurance could provide Texas businesses with valuable protection if a truck is ever in an accident.

Dump truck insurance provides tailored coverage for dump trucks. Policies take into account the size and weight of the trucks, and even more so consider the loads dump trucks typically carry.

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Dump Truck Insurance Texas

Which Texas businesses should be carrying a dump truck policy?

Most Texas businesses operating dump trucks should have a policy that’s specific to these trucks. Contractors, stone excavators, commercial pavers and owner-operators may need a dump truck policy. Plenty of other businesses use these trucks and could need a policy, too.

Compared to standard commercial truck insurance policies, businesses will usually find that the terms and coverages in dump truck policies are better tailored for dump trucks.

Dump Truck Insurance Texas

What coverages do dump truck policies come with?

Dump truck policies typically offer multiple coverages that can be adjusted for a business’s particular needs. Some common and important coverages to consider include dump truck liability insurance protections and damage protections:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover incidents like slip and fall accidents around the dump truck, and also basic defamation claims against the business.
  • Environmental Coverage: Might cover the costs associated with cleaning up environmental contamination caused by lost cargo or a fuel leak.
  • Collision Coverage: Might cover damage to the dump truck incurred during accidents with at least one other vehicle.
  • Physical Damage Coverage: Might damage harm to the dump truck incurred during incidents that aren’t collisions (e.g. tipping over, hitting animals).
  • Downtime Coverage: Might cover damage to the dump truck that occurs when the vehicle is not actively in operation (e.g. theft, vandalism, fire).
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage: Might cover losses associated with damage to or loss of cargo while it’s in transit.

Dump truck liability insurance coverages may help with legal costs and any settlement arising from a covered lawsuit. Coverages that protect against damage to the truck usually insure up to the truck’s value. 

In addition to the farm equipment insurance and other coverages that protect a ranch’s assets, farm liability coverages that help insure against lawsuits are also typically included in policies. Some liability coverages include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover everyday accidents occurring on a ranch’s property that injure a third party.
  • Product Liability Coverage: Might cover, products manufactured or processed at the farm if they injure customers.
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage: Might cover especially large lawsuits, by offering supplementary protection beyond basic liability limits.

When the owner lives on their ranch or farm, certain personal insurance coverages can also be needed. These are primarily to meet the owner’s personal insurance needs, as opposed to the needs of their business. Examples of personal coverages are:

  • Household Dwelling Coverage: Could insure primary residential structures like farmhouses or ranch houses located on the property.
  • Household Personal Property Coverage: Could insure personal belongings within the house and its immediate yard, such as furniture, clothes, appliances, electronics, kids’ toys and other personal items.
Dump Truck Insurance Texas

Should dump truck operators get non-trucking coverage?

Non-trucking coverage typically extends coverage to when an insured truck is driven for purposes other than normal work operations. For example, the coverage usually provides insurance when a truck is driven for personal use.

Long-haul truckers often get non-trucking coverage, as many periodically drive their tractor for personal use. They might go to and from their house in the truck, for example.

Dump truck operators are less likely to need non-trucking coverage, since dump trucks are rarely driven outside of work. The coverage is normally available if it’s needed for an atypical situation, though. An insurance agent specializing in dump truck policies can likely find a policy that includes non-trucking coverage.

Should dump truck operators get motor truck cargo coverage? 

Motor truck cargo coverage usually provides protection for the cargo that commercial trucks carry. It’s an almost essential protection when transporting valuable goods, but also might be helpful when transporting literal dirt.

Even though dump trucks normally don’t transport especially high-value goods, a full load of soil, gravel or sand can still have a substantial value. It is often still prudent for dump truck operators to get motor truck cargo in case they lose a full load of goods. Having coverage also ensures they’re properly insured for the occasional order of expensive stone.

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How can Texas businesses get dump truck insurance?

If your business needs help insuring a dump truck, reach out to the seasoned professionals at Johnson Insurance. Our Texas agents will make sure you find the right dump truck liability insurance and other dump truck insurance coverages that your business’s equipment needs.

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